Earlier this year, we introduced all the candidates that stood up for the World YWCA board. The elections for the World YWCA Board held at the World Council were a reminder of how the movement believes in the power of young women at decision making positions. The new World Board was selected with representatives from all the regions of the world. A movement by and for young women, 60% young women were elected as board members. The newly elected board is a face of leaders from all over the world with varied experience and expertise, and a reminder that the YWCA movement believes in walking the talk of young women leadership as a key to transforming power structures.



President: Mira Rizeq – Palestine/MIDDLEEAST

Treasurer: Emma McCarthy – Australia/PACIFIC


Vice Presidents:

Lucy Masiye – Zambia/AFRICA

Mimi Han – Korea/ASIA

Caroline Midttun Rostrup – Norway/EUROPE (YW)

Isabella Diaz – Honduras/LATIN AMERICA (YW)

Eman Abbasi – Jordan/MIDDLE EAST (YW)

Jamie Medicine Crane – Canada/NORTH AMERICA


World Board:

Dede Attiogbe – Togo/AFRICA (YW)

Mtisunge Kachingwe – Malawi/AFRICA (YW)

Bakhita Francis – India/ASIA (YW)

Margaret Jip Kou – Taiwan/ASIA

Rickol Julien – Grenada/CARIBBEAN (YW)

Adrianna Sosa – Haiti/CARIBBEAN (YW)

Erica Lewis- Great Britain/EUROPE

Yvonne Schupbach – Switzerland/EUROPE (YW)

Gabriela Cerda Oyarce – Chile/LATIN AMERICA (YW)

Andrea Thaxton – USA/NORTH AMERICA

Brittany Tibbo – Canada/NORTH AMERICA (YW)

Charlotte Muggeridge – Aotearoa/NZ/PACIFIC (YW