Last month, it was fantastic to have 100 YWCA delegates from more than 20 different countries join forces to raise their diverse voices at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). More than 40% of all the delegates were young women.

The CSW is one of the most important intergovernmental bodies dedicated to promoting gender equality. It’s also an important platform for the YWCA movement to come together to advocate for our rights and work collaboratively toward our Goal 2035. During this annual event, the World YWCA and our member associations worked together to connect our delegates from around the world, build their capacity and provide spaces for young women to mobilise and raise their voices with decision makers.

You’ll find some quick highlights here and all the details here. The fantastic young women delegates at CSW62 also created a video capturing their experiences as CSW62. We would like to thank Deeqo Hussein and Lola Ahmed from the YWCA-YMCA of Sweden for initiating and producing the video. Take a look here.