Members of AYUDH in last year’s HRC Youth Forum


The Human Rights Council (HRC) is one of the most important international mechanisms for strengthening, promoting and protecting human rights. Yet, youth participation at the Council is limited.

There is an urgent need for clear guidance on how young people can participate and engage meaningfully in the regular sessions of HRC and its Universal Periodic Review (UPR). That’s why on 2 June 2017, the World YWCA and its partners will convene the HRC Youth Forum in Geneva. This event will gather young people from all over the world to deliberate how to ensure that the diverse voices of youth can be instutionalised and heard at the Human Rights Council.

If you would like to attend the HRC Youth Forum, please follow the registration steps:

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Campaign: #YouForHumanRights

The world is experiencing a never before seen number of young people! 1.8 billion to be more precise. This is a major opportunity we cannot throw away, for young people with their energy and knowledge exchange are the ones who can shape the future they want for themselves and for their future generations.

The challenge…we want #YouForHumanRights!

This is a campaign entirely led by youth to promote knowledge sharing on human rights, opportunities and ways to contribute in your community and globally to create a more equal world.

Here are simple steps on how you can participate:

  • If you have any experience or know something in particular on human rights processes, platforms and/or actions and you think young people must get more involved, use the hashtag #YouForHumanRights. Post it in Facebook or Twitter so other young people can learn from you and promote this network for youth participation in the realization of human rights.
  • Be as visual as you can! You are free to promote: opportunities, concepts and information, webinars, videos, images, opinions, events, blogs….
  • Make sure you introduce yourself so others know you and this network becomes a success!
  • If you would like to encourage the sharing of more content, make sure you share, like, retweet the posts that you consider a valuable learning experience. This will ensure that we spread the word on how more young people can participate and get involved!
  • Don’t forget to always include the hashtag: #YouForHumanRights and enjoy this learning and knowledge exchange experience!


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