COVID-19 has forced all of us to adapt our daily routines and how we work. We can only imagine how you are coping with the rapid and overwhelming changes in your personal and professional life.

For many women, young women and girls around the globe, it’s even more frightening, dangerous and uncertain as they face the realities of child care, looking after sick family members, domestic violence, limited access to healthcare and extra financial strains as a result of a reduction in income and unexpected bills.

COVID-19 is having an impact on women, young women and girls everywhere – the part of the iceberg easily seen. However, a greater part of the impact of COVID-19 is going unseen, especially for women and girls in the most vulnerable parts of the world. We must address these things to  solve the true and full crisis of COVID-19. The good news is that YWCA is practiced at the art of being agile and creative in response to the grave and unique challenges at the bottom of the iceberg.

The YWCA has responded to the unique needs of every community that it serves, and the unique challenges of every era. Now as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, the women of the YWCA continue resolute in their role as problem solvers, caretakers, agents of change, and supporters in their communities and families. And we need your help.

At a time of crisis, the World YWCA is needed more than ever to disseminate information, resources, support and lead the movement’s adaptability and agility across the globe to combat coronavirus and support the millions of women, young women and girls who need their local YWCA now more than ever.

Please join the World YWCA and YWCA movement to create an agile, creative, and relevant response to the iceberg of COVID-19. Together, with your support, we can tackle the whole iceberg – not just the top.


Give to the YWCA emergency crisis response fund today and support vulnerable women, young women and girls. Over the next few weeks you will get to hear more from us on the innovative ways YWCAs are responding to the needs of women, young women and girls during this pandemic. We know you care and that you would want to know more.

Join us in responding to the whole of the iceberg by giving NOW!