Message from the General Secretary, World YWCA

Dear leaders,

Today is World YWCA Day! It’s a day to celebrate our accomplishments and efforts as a powerful movement that advances the human rights and leadership of women, young women and girls across the globe.

Our movement was founded beginning of 1855, through the faith and insight of two English women who were filled with the desire to serve girls and women in a war time period. This spirit of solidarity that took place more than 160 years ago is still present in the YWCA movement. YWCA purpose has resonated with so many women and young women leaders from different backgrounds, faiths, cultures, beliefs, race and identity, that today we are present in more than 100 countries and thousands of communities worldwide.

Since the genesis of World YWCA, the involvement of young women has been central. When we look to the future and we dare, dream and do, we must not just involve young women, but be certain that in YWCA`s we ensure a safe space in which they can lead. This is often a challenge because of  existing power structures that women in all of our diversity experience – including in YWCA –  but YWCA history is proof that when young women are able to lead, transformative change happens.

Today, let us celebrate all of the the women whose vision, courage and conviction founded, developed and has sustained the World YWCA movement. Let us celebrate the women of today working hard to create positive change in the world, and let us celebrate our future successors who in a new revolutionary age will carry forward the YWCA work in the same spirit.

As we strive for peace, justice and freedom, let’s continue to embrace our history and identity, and continue working collectively and collaboratively so that young women transform power structures for gender equality.

This World YWCA Day, please take a moment to hear from current young women leaders as they raise their voice.

Casey Harden
General Secretary, World YWCA 

A big thank you to Jane Lagos Salazar for directing and producing this video, and to Madelline Sevilla for supporting with the music and edition!

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