The YWCA movement has time and again proved that women, young women and girls have the capability to make the world a better place. A world built on the principles of peace, non-violence, inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities. Through our work in the field of sustainable development, gender equality and empowerment, we have promoted the values of non-violence towards creation of a global community of champions who take everyone ahead.

Globally, the world today is experiencing multiple forms of violence. Be it violence against women, against refugees, against children; we are in a place where we need to constantly reinforce the values of Non-violence through the work we do. Young women, are one of the worst affected groups of all.

2nd October marks the International Day of Non-Violence. Last week we sent a call for positive message to the survivors of sexual abuse and violence to showcase your support for survivors of violence, securing a culture of peace and understanding.

We received positive messages of power and courage for the survivors of violence and abuse from women and young women from all over the world. Women, young women and girls came forward sharing voices of hope for those who are coming out to share their account of violence and for those who are dealing with it internally.

As a reinforcement of our strength and commitment towards a world free from violence, here we are sharing those messages and hopeful smiles with those who are struggling to cope with the violence they have faced across life. You are not alone.

Women, young women and girls from Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America shared positive messages reinforcing on the power in listening to the voices of the survivors, giving them the platform and opportunity to advocate for their rights and come together to champion the cause of women empowerment together.