The world is at a pivotal stage. We know this, we have seen it and we continue witnessing it. Things are changing rapidly and women’s human rights are under threat. Racism and other acts of violence have been increasing. Many of our sisters are facing misogyny and an attack on faiths around the world. This is a time more than ever to stand together, as more than ever the world needs a YWCA movement.

As the world has changed so have we. As women, young women and girls of the world, we need to look to the future to see how we reenergize, and how we reignite the solidarity that we are showing to each other and how we can together rise up and defeat the challenges and face the future.

We pray for all our sisters and brothers whose lives have been touched by tragedy, whether by accident or a deliberate act.  We also reassure our commitment and envisioning goal of transforming power structures and work to create a just, equal world without violence and war, embracing the diversity that strengthens us as a global movement. In solidarity.