img_6914Building a strong YWCA brand has been at the centre of the World YWCA’s strategy during the past four years, as has strengthening the movement’s management structures both nationally and globally. The World YWCA has been regularly reviewing and maintaining compliance with its Standards of Good Management and Accountability (SGMA); focusing on Member Association’s self-assessments, implementing the new Conditions of Affiliation (COA) approved in 2007 and carrying out Member Association assessments through country visits.

The World YWCA focuses on ensuring that the necessary human and financial resources to sustain the movement’s work and expand its scope are available. This has involved establishing a coherent fundraising strategy and developing new viable financial and monitoring models. The organisation has supported partnerships within the movement, guided Member Associations facing challenges and engaged in developing a long-term strategy to develop the World YWCA’s vision through the ongoing Envisioning 2035 process. Read the full fact sheet here.