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World YWCA Council

The World Council is the legislative authority and governing body of the World YWCA. During this auspicious event, representatives from each affiliated association come together to elect the members of the World YWCA Board, to set priorities for the coming years work and to determine policies through resolutions.

The Council also provides practical training and education on the priority issues of the global movement.  It is also a collectively empowering environment for the women expected that take part. It is a place of celebration of women’s leadership and of building a vision for the future.

The next World Council will be held in 2015 and it will be hosted by the YWCA of Thailand in Bangkok. Between 600-800 voting delegates and observers from 108 YWCA association, as well as representatives from partner organisations and donors will come together under the theme -  Bold and Transformative Leadership – Towards 2035, bringing together a unique mix of YWCA leadership, fundraisers, young women leaders, communications, programme officers,  and all leaders and influencers of the movement.

World YWCA Council 2015 has chosen the theme Bold and Transformative Leadership – Towards 2035 because leadership lies at the heart of the YWCA movement. This forms the core purpose of the World YWCA as stated in the Constitution - “the purpose of the World YWCA is to develop the leadership of women and girls for collective action towards peace, justice, human dignity, freedom, health and care for the environment". It is through our leadership that we can envision the future. Envisioning 2035 will examine how YWCAs can organise, strategise, strengthen and mobilise their  collective power and common ownership and commitment to a programme of action that will advance the World YWCA's purpose and establish a clear vision for the future that will enable the  movement to continue to bring about positive change for women and their communities.

To read all about the exciting news in the lead-up to World Council in 2015, please visit the World YWCA Council website:

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