About Us - Overview -
About Us - Overview -

Our Priorities

In 2020-23, World YWCA, YWCA member associations and YWCA leaders will:

  • Manifest a high level of commitment in strategic, tactical and day-to-day actions towards our shared Goal 2035.
  • Demonstrate a high level of communication, transparency and accountability towards measured success based on feminist, faithbased and human rights principles.
  • Develop co-created and consultative campaigns, projects, publications and solutions that are customisable, replicable, scalable and rooted in community.
  • Strategically partner and sensibly invest towards sustainability and vitality of the YWCA movement to positively impact the lives of women, young women and girls around the world.

This will be achieved through three strategic priorities:

Management and Governance Excellence

We showcase high accountability and standards of good management by tending to the business vitality and mission impact of our work, collaborating with young women to ensure trends of intergenerational engagement are understood and utilised towards modernisation of the YWCA movement.

Strategic Partnerships and Communication

We consider, confirm and position YWCA’s strength and identity in the women’s movement by actively and intentionally pursuing external strategic partnerships that share a common desire to build young women’s leadership and to transform power structures for gender equality.

Engagement and Mobilisation of Girls, Young Women and Women

We create, expand and replicate effective models of leadership and advocacy which value the legacy, approaches and principles of the YWCA and inspire innovative and low-cost solutions, rooted in young women and girls engagement, consultation and leadership – aimed to further mobilise a dynamic network of global leaders.

Join us in this purpose-driven journey.