About Us - Overview -
About Us - Overview -

Young Women’s Transformative Leadership

As a global movement that engages with and mobilizes women, young women, and girls, the World YWCA is committed to progressive, community-based leadership, particularly through programming that is led by and for young women.

As an inclusive, intergenerational movement that is vigorously tackling issues of gender inequality, we are focused on supporting and mobilizing women’s leadership and advocacy.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

We believe all women, young women, and girls should have the power, complete freedom, and rights to make decisions about their own bodies, as well as access to the comprehensive health care, information, and services they need to best exercise those decisions.

Access to sexual and reproductive health and rights is essential and we’ll keep working until women, young women, and girls everywhere have the right to understand and make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, and health.

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Violence Against Women (Young Women) and Girls

We believe all women, young women, and girls should have the right to be safe and live free from fear and violence in all its forms, and that addressing violence against women and girls must be a priority for all.

As a global movement that is locally-driven and rooted in the transformational power of women, we are focused on building and mobilizing a strong network of women leaders creating solutions in their communities.

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Women, Peace with Justice and Security

We believe in a world with peace and justice, and that women’s involvement and leadership are essential to achieving this vision. Peace with justice has been a constant vision and goal throughout the more than 160 years.

YWCAs support this goal through the development and mobilization of women’s leadership, with focus on supporting the meaningful participation of young women as leaders in advancing peace and justice.