About Us -
About Us -

Our Team

The World YWCA office comprises of team members based in Geneva and beyond. The team plays many core functions- is a supporter, a strategist, a catalyst and an advocate for the YWCA movement. All team members can be reached at worldoffice@worldywca.org.

  • Casey Harden
  • Aïda Rehouma
  • Suchi Gaur (Ph.D.)
  • Thabani Sibanda
  • Caterina Lemp Bitsacopoulos
  • Helen Deslarzes
  • Daniela Zelaya Raudales
  • Victoria Genecand
  • Séverine Romero
  • Catherine Wanjiku Kinyanjui
  • Naomi Woyengu
  • Jade Brady
  • Berit Pedersen
  • Talisa Avanthay Garcia

Our Board Officers

  • Mira Rizeq
  • Emma McCarthy
  • Lucy Masiye
  • Mimi Han
  • Rickol Julien
  • Isabella Diaz
  • Caroline Midttun Rostrup
  • Jamie Medicine Crane

Our Board Members

  • Dede Fafa Eyram Attiogbe
  • Bakhita Francis
  • Dr. Margaret Jip Kou
  • Elise Gebrayel
  • Adrianna Sosa
  • Erica Lewis
  • Mtisunge Kachingwe
  • Yvonne Schüpbach
  • Gabriela Cerda Oyarce
  • Andrea Thaxton
  • Brittany Tibbo
  • Charlotte Muggeridge

Our Nominations Committee includes Dede Attiogbe (Togo), Young Hee Won (Korea), Jeannette Van Dongen (Netherlands) and Valeria Rojas Borda (Bolivia). One Nominations Committee position is vacant and currently under filling procedure, to be announced on September, 2021.