About Us - Overview -
About Us - Overview -

The #Goal2035 is designed to establish a clear objective for the future sustainability of the YWCA movement.

“By 2035, 100 million young women and girls will transform power structures to create justice, gender equality and a world without violence and war; leading a sustainable YWCA movement, inclusive of all women.”

Adopted by the World YWCA in 2015, this bold, transformative goal affirms our foundational belief in centering young women and girls, establishes a clear objective for the sustainability of the YWCA movement, and directly reflects our commitment to the future. Through our work pursuing this vision, we continue to assert our commitment to human rights-based, feminist, faith and intersectional leadership that is inclusive, grounded in local communities, and grassroots-driven.

As we continue building a strong, intergenerational network of women leaders, this singular pledge to expand our reach and impact on young women and girls as leaders and for social change is not only integral to sustaining a bold, progressive women’s movement, but it is also vital to building a better world.

Through our leadership approach, authentic engagement with on-the-ground leaders, direct investment, advocacy work, and strategic collaboration within and outside the YWCA movement, we are working each and every day to make this collective goal a reality.

Read the proposal for Goal 2035 which was sent to the YWCA movement before World Council 2015 in English, French, and Spanish.

Download World YWCA Theory of Change for Goal 2035 in English, French and Spanish.