Solidarity Beyond Borders: #WorldDayofPrayer for Palestine 2024

On Monday, 4th March, the World YWCA joined ecumenical partners and friends to observe the World Day of Prayer, which this year, focused on Palestine. The hybrid event, themed “I Beg You… Bear With One Another In Love,” transcended borders to underscore the critical need for unity amidst the ongoing violence and oppression in Gaza.

The programme for 2024, crafted by a group of ecumenical Christian Palestinian women, draws its inspiration from Ephesians 4:1-7, echoes the profound experiences and challenges of living under occupation. Rooted in their shared stories, the reflection within this passage urges us to convey a message of strength and resilience to women worldwide.

Throughout the prayer session, diverse voices resonated in multiple languages, amplifying the global call for compassion and understanding. Particularly noteworthy was the heartfelt message from World YWCA President Mira Rizeq and the scripture reading by Board member Selina Salameh, embodying the spirit of Palestine.

Artwork showcased in this picture by Yasmine Shash

In our collective journey, we strive to foster compassion and understanding, encouraging women everywhere to stand steadfast in support of one another, embracing love as a beacon of hope amidst turbulent times.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the World Council of Churches, Act Alliance, World Day of Prayer International Committee, The Lutheran World Federation and all our supporters whose contributions made this event truly meaningful.