Amara Killen

Board Member (USA – North America)

Amara Killen (she/her/hers) is a fierce advocate for social justice and is passionate about fighting to end gender based violence. Throughout her work she has experienced the joy of healing, the value of prevention, and the strength of survival, and she believes in working at the intersection of racial, indigenous, gender and climate justices and beyond.

Amara joined the YWCA community in 2019 as a Prevention and Empowerment Advocate with the YWCA Walla Walla. In 2021, she was one of ten global leaders selected to be a World YWCA Leadership Cohort Member, where she partnered with young women leaders from Palestine, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Sudan, India and Taiwan to discuss and spread awareness about gender based violence.

In 2022, Amara moved to Palestine to partner with a local grassroots organisation on community led actions to support land rights for indigenous communities, improve accessibility to education, and offer safe spaces for women, people with disabilities, and other marginalised communities. Currently, she is completing her Master’s Degree in Migration and Diaspora Studies at SOAS University in London.

Amara is committed to a decolonising and justice-oriented living and working practice, and is eager to continue working on the intersection of gender-based violence prevention and human rights.