Call for Consultancy: Development of RiseUp! transformative leadership thematic modules for young women and women led advocacy.

RiseUp! Asia-Pacific Leadership and Advocacy Initiative

The World YWCA and through its RiseUp! Asia-Pacific Leadership and Advocacy Initiative promotes young women’s leadership-led action, and social and environmental justice advocacy. As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing young women’s leadership and young women and women-led advocacy, we are seeking consultants/groups of individuals to develop 2 (two) transformative leadership modules focused each on two critical themes of work: 

  1. Peace, Conflict and Justice
  2. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

This call for consultancy invites proposals for the Development of Transformative Leadership Modules from an interested group of individuals/ consulting firms. The modules support the work being done under the Australian Government-supported RiseUp! Initiative in Asia and the Pacific region. The modules’ consultancy and development must be done through a collaborative process. World YWCA is open to exploring two different sets of consultants for the two modules, if consultants feel their expertise is best suited to one thematic module only. We are seeking consultants who have deep expertise and experience in each theme.

Location: Remote

Closing date for expression of interest: 22 May, 2024

Starting date: as soon as possible

Type of agreement: consultancy – estimated working days 30 days per module

Reference: YWCA-Intergenerational/RiseUp!

Range of costs: 15,000-24,000 AUD per module

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