Dolphine Kwamboka

Technical Programme Manager in Eastern Africa for the YW4A Initiative (Kenya)

With close to 8 years’ experience, Dolphine has a strong passion for anti-gender-based violence (GBV) and disability programming. She is committed to addressing the root causes of violence and promoting human rights. Her vision for change encompasses system transformations, individual growth, and organizational development.  

As a specialist in gender equality and social inclusion, she has experience in gender transformative programming, addressing the root causes of inequalities, and economic empowerment of women. She understands gender analysis, empowerment, and evaluation frameworks. In addition to that, she enjoys content simplification and delivery to various audiences on different approaches in the gender sphere.

Dolphine has worked with various projects involving women, girls, youth, and persons with disabilities, working closely with UN Agencies and County governments to ensure sustainability and a multisectoral approach.

Outside the office, she is in the farm looking after her crop or having a quiet day indoors.