Gema Romero

Nomination Committee Member (Bolivia – Latin America)

Esther Gema Romero Valencia (she/her/hers) is a member of YWCA Bolivia in South America. Over the course of eight years within the institution, she reflects, “This is the best thing that could happen to me.”

Starting as a volunteer in 1997, Esther has delved deep into the philosophy and YWCA objectives, realising that she recognised the symbol from her school, where some Methodist Pastors had visited La Paz, Bolivia, and their wives initiated the institution 96 years ago.

Through attending numerous trainings and seminars, Esther made a solemn vow to remain loyal to the institution. She focused on understanding the real significance of its name, “Young Women’s Christian Association,” drawing from her upbringing in religion and her inherent belief in advocating for women’s rights. Esther dedicated herself to various roles within the organisation, emphasising the importance of leadership training.

Having served as the Public Relations Secretary on the local board in La Paz, followed by nearly four years as the International Secretary of YWCA Bolivia, and as a member of the National Nominations Committee, Esther sees her next challenge as being part of the World Nominations Committee.