Magda Barsoum

Nomination Committee Member (Egypt – Middle East)

Magda Barsoum, a passionate advocate for youth, women, and social justice, brings over three decades of diverse experience to her role. With a background deeply rooted in the YWCA, she earned a master’s degree from Oxford University, UK, laying a solid foundation for her lifelong commitment to community development.

During her tenure at the US Embassy in Cairo, Magda led cultural and educational programs focusing on marginalised communities. In retirement, she directed USAID projects, championing civic education and children’s and women’s rights.

As a board member of YWCA Cairo, Magda promotes a democratic approach, prioritising the recruitment and empowerment of young women. She advocates for remote engagement and skill-building incentives to overcome barriers to participation.

Magda’s ultimate goal is to see more women in leadership roles across sectors, guided by principles of inclusivity and tolerance. Her tireless efforts underscore her dedication to fostering a more equitable society, making her a vital asset to the YWCA and the broader social justice movement.