Our Spaces Power Spaces: YWCA’s Safe Spaces Guide

YWCA’s Safe Space is informed by remarkable history and experience, as well as shifting technologies and social-economic-political contexts. YWCA’s Safe Space serves as an important concept that is scalable, customizable, and applied to the specific needs of people in their local communities, dealing with different, relevant issues and connecting them with resources, information, and opportunities. With shifting technologies, these safe spaces have begun in the virtual world—connecting women of all ages beyond geographic barriers, and weaving together a shared community.

This Guide, Our Spaces, Power Spaces tells the story of how and why practising safe spaces can be transformative. And at the heart of any transformative action is a profound sense of engagement, buy-in, and ownership. With this in mind, this Guide is a customisable template to make your own! Adding in your unique context to this Guide helps your safe space to be culturally
relevant. Building on the Defining Standards in this Guide allows you to create a welcoming environment.

Download the guide:

Edition 2022.