World YWCA Day 2022: #YWCALeaders Co-creating Goal 2035

Every year on April 24, YWCAs around the world celebrate World YWCA Day. For 160 years, YWCA leaders have taken action in communities to make human rights a reality.In a recent in-depth study done by World YWCA on leadership, many #YWCALeaders shared that they believe “leadership is influencing, guiding and motivating women and young women to realise their potential and work together to achieve a common goal.”

For World YWCA Day 2022, join us as we will celebrate YWCA day under the theme: ” #YWCALeaders Co-Creating Goal 2035, Not just some place we are going to, but a place we are creating together“. Serving with love remains a common mandate for all the work we do on ground, in communities and at national and international level. In 2015, when the YWCA leaders came together to define “our collective goal” as a single shared statement of our commitment for the future, with YWCA contributing within its own space, context and resources, Goal 2035 was born.

This year, as we celebrate #WorldYWCADay, we invite all #YWCALeaders to share their insights on centering young women and girls, shifting power structures to achieve a world free from violence.

Goal 2035 is not just some place we are all going towards, but a place we are all committed to building and creating together as YWCA leaders. Which is why for World YWCA Day 2022 on April 24, this year, we invite YWCA Leaders to think, deliberate, engage and find spaces to co-create, acting towards Goal 2035. Find more information on the theme, ideas on how to celebrate the day, and how to engage in social media with visuals and social media covers in the tool.

Don’t forget to engage on social media using the hashtag #YWCALeaders #WYD2022

You can also go to our Trello board to download the social media covers and editable templates.

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