World YWCA’s Storytelling Guide

Blooming Wildflowers: Weaving Stories of Activism

From our earliest years, stories have played a crucial role in our lives. They have the power to forge emotional connections, bridging the gap between local and global issues. Stories not only bind us to our heritage and culture it also links us to our ancestors, to our land, ocean and skies. Stories inform our way of knowing, being, and doing. It connects us to our present and future, as well as the natural world that surrounds us. Stories shape our perspectives, and influence how we navigate the world. With this in mind, the Storytelling Guide by the World YWCA has been meticulously crafted to help individuals harness the power of #storytelling for social activism.

Designed with activists, #leaders, changemakers, women, and #youngwomen in mind, this comprehensive guide provides a feminist perspective on effecting change through storytelling. It is particularly tailored to the leaders of the World Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), spanning diverse regions, cultures, languages, and storytelling traditions. Packed with a comprehensive range of exercises and support, including journaling prompts and brainstorming techniques, the Guide offers an invaluable resource for refining personal and collective perspectives while effecting tangible change. With its seamless adaptability, it empowers individuals to develop and cultivate their storytelling skills in support of their #activism and their activism journey.

The Storytelling Guide is designed to be adaptable and easily accessible to all users.

If you are keen to translate the guide in your local language, kindly contact for guidance.