World YWCA Statement on #StandWithUkraine

World YWCA recognizes the war being waged on Ukraine.  The invasion by land, sea, air and cyber attack against Ukraine has put the lives of Ukrainians yet again in great peril. The YWCA Ukraine, for years, has been affected by on-going tension and conflict and today, we hear from women expressing fear, shock and anger. The women of Ukraine once again face displacement, danger and uncertainty during a time when war and aggression are chosen, instead of dialogue and reconciliation. YWCA has provided leadership in conflict and post-conflict spaces for over a century, and the global YWCA movement advocates for peace and justice in communities, countries, regions, and the world.

The YWCA movement stands in solidarity with the women of Ukraine and encourages all people to not turn away from this act of war, and instead rebuke it.

Read the statement by YWCA of Ukraine

Published on the 25th of February