Join us this year as we come together to pray for impact

Since 1904, the World YWCA and World YMCA have traditionally collaborated together for the World Week of Prayer and World Fellowship. Celebrated each year on the second week of November, both organisations join efforts to produce a booklet with a theme, a set of bible studies for each day, and an annual bible reading plan so that communities around the world can come together in prayer for a specific cause linked to current realities.

“Ignite: Praying the Impact” is the theme of this year’s YWCA and YMCA World Week of Prayer, occurring from 13-19 November 2020. Aligned with the long-term strategies of the World YMCA (Vision 2030) and World YWCA (Goal 2035), the theme highlights the need for unity and transformative change to create a long-lasting impact in communities worldwide.

Access the booklet in English, French, Spanish and Japanese with the buttons below:

Join us in prayer, and let us collectively push for transformation so we can be “Ignited” and create a positive impact in the world through God’s love.

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