#YW4A: Faith to Action Network

A global interfaith convention held in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2021

Faith to Action Network’s vision for the YW4A programme is that social norms and practices by community actors and faith organisations are shifted towards promoting young women’s rights to dignity, bodily integrity, and equal participation in decision-making.

Faith to Action Network brings to the programme its experience and understanding of religion as a salient aspect of culture, and, therefore, faith actors’ influence and potential to strengthen and diversify young women’s participation and amplify their voices to effectively influence decision making towards gender- just laws, policies, norms and practices related to their bodily integrity and equal participation. Faith to Action Network will build the capacity of faith actors who will then challenge gender-discriminatory social norms and promote women’s rights. This will be done through local social and behavioural change communication by faith champions, opinion leaders, and groups.

Apostolic Women Empowerment Trust at ‘No Longer Silent’ Campaign to end SGBV

As a global interfaith network of more than 110 Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Hindu and Muslim faith organisations, Faith to Action Network mobilizes faith organizations’ support for family health and wellbeing. F2A focus on issues that faith actors are grappling with, including sexual and reproductive health and family planning; gender justice and women’s rights; peaceful coexistence.

Faith to Action Network combines innovative, evidence- and faith-backed community-based programming with national, regional and international dialogue and advocacy to influence change at all levels. Through this, our partner meets international standards of quality and accountability and ensure the relevance of our interventions to the everyday lives of faith communities. Since 2011, Faith to Action Network has influenced 47 policy changes in support of family health and wellbeing and women’s rights. The organisation believes that faith is central in women’s and men’s lives across the world. It influences their life, identity, and behaviour.

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