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World YWCA Advocacy and Communications short term Internship Programme 2016

General Information:

The World YWCA advocacy internships offer the opportunity for a minimum of four young women from YWCAs around the world to develop their skills and knowledge on advocacy and activism through training and exposure to the work and mechanisms of the UN system. This typically includes participation in one UN or international event such as the annual UN Commissions on the Status of Women or one of the sessions of the CEDAW Committee or UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The internship provides opportunities to develop expertise on global issues particularly in the World YWCA priority areas of young women’s leadership, sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV and violence against women.
During this quadrennium 2016 - 2019 the World YWCA is committed to building a critical mass of young women advocates engaged in strategic actions at all levels. The World YWCA 2012 – 2015 strategic goals are:
 Women’s Intergenerational leadership: Women, young women and girls exercise leadership in our lives and communities and advocate for our rights.
 Women’s Rights: The social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights of women, young women and girls are promoted and protected through advocacy, programmes and services.
 Movement Building and Good Governance: World YWCA movement effectively fulfils its purpose to develop the leadership of women and girls by functioning at the highest level of organisational accountability.

Programme Objectives:

 To mobilise young women as advocates, champions and leaders on priority issues
 To develop skills, experience and knowledge in advocacy and representation among young women in YWCAs through active participation in the United Nation's mechanisms for the protection of human rights
Criteria for Selection:
 Successful candidates must be actively involved in their YWCA, either as a volunteer or staff member and demonstrate strong interest and enthusiasm in the World YWCA movement.
 Generally applicants should have a minimum of two years active involvement with their YWCA.
 Successful candidates must commit to sharing the experience gained with their YWCA and region following the internship, and their association must commit to integrating their leadership into the association upon their return.
 A strong commitment to women's rights and leadership.
 Previous experience in advocacy and/or activism on women’s rights is an asset.
 A good working knowledge of English, both oral and written, is essential.
 Applicants must be between 22 and 30 years of age.
 Independent and self-reliant, willing to take initiative, creative, hard working, and flexible
 A commitment to sharing the experience gained with their YWCA following the internship
 Each candidate’s participation must be endorsed by her National YWCA and the association must commit to integrating the leadership/experience of a successful intern upon the return home.
Dates, General Information and Application Process:
1. UN Human Rights Council (Geneva) – June 2016
2. Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) – One of the sessions in February, July or October 2016 (Geneva)
The deadline for applications is November 30, 2015. Please send applications and all supporting material to Applicants and their member associations will be informed early 2016.

Costs and Provisions:

Participants must possess a valid passport. The World YWCA will assist with letters of invitation and advice to facilitate the visa process, however it is the responsibility of the intern and her national association to obtain a visa for the country concerned.
The World YWCA will cover the most economical and direct route airfare from and to the home country of the participant. Any additional contributions by the national association to the travel and accommodation costs would be greatly appreciated as funding for this programme must be continuously sought.

Accommodation and Health Care:

The World YWCA is responsible for the accommodation, basic food allowance, local transport and health insurance.
Geneva, November 2, 2015

Administration Officer

World YWCA and YWCA Mozambique Job Description: 

Administration Officer


World YWCA is currently seeking a monitoring and evaluation officer.