An innovative initiative supporting 400 young women champions from thirty countries in the three largest continents of Asia, Africa and Europe is being implemented by the World YWCA in partnership with the Government of Finland. The initiative will support young women to transform narratives at community, country, regional and global level to positively impact policy decisions around young women’s sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR) and mental health.

The World YWCA is making sure that young women champions transform core, dominant cultural narratives found in policy debates, news media and social media. Not only are young women designing the advocacy approaches that they will use as evidence, they will use aspirational storytelling to emphasise their right to bodily autonomy, and young women coordinators will lead the engagement process. With young women advocating for SRHR and mental health through transformative leadership modalities, it will be a for young women by young women advocacy process towards effective action

The YWCA movements` legacy of mobilizing and investing in young women and girls’ empowerment, rights and leadership through innovative and engaging programmes all across the world is still, if not more relevant than ever. With this work, we make real meaningful global engagement of young women to advocate for their rights.

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